New Handgun Owners Course


length: 3 hours


Course Details: Not your normal CCW course. Leviathan Defense Group’s “New Handgun Owners Course” is developed to fill in the gaps that most concealed carry courses fail to provide instruction on. Our instructors will teach students how to properly handle and manipulate a firearm, how to care for and maintain your handgun, and basic principles of response with a handgun. Students will be taught and allowed to practice their proficiency in a safe environment utilizing laser-guided practice systems, bridging the gap for new and experienced shooters alike. Additionally, this class covers the State of Florida’s basic safety course requirements for firearms safety, qualifications, individual legal responsibility, and Florida law requirements. The cost of the class is all-inclusive, qualifications, ear & eye protection if needed, State CWFL application pack, and all classroom materials. Please note: This class is for beginner shooters who have the desire to develop their fundamental understanding of firearm use, maintenance, and law. Students are not expected to have prior firearm knowledge but are expected to pay attention and listen to instructors.

Course Level: Beginner.

Cost: $85 a student.

Length: 3 hours.

Equipment Required: None.

Prerequisites: Students must be 21 years or older and be able to lawfully own a firearm.

Maximum Number of Students: 15.

Location: PBG Office


NO ammo is to be brought to the classroom. Students should bring their firearm (unloaded), holster, sturdy belt, and any magazines they have for their weapon.

New Handgun / Intro Bundle

Sign up for both the New Handgun Owners course and Intro to Handgun $200 a student.

– Ear and Eye Protection $5
– Firearms $25


Available for purchase (Must call ahead for stock)


Everyday clothes. No open toed shoes.

Since this is a remote location, we recommend proper field attire/tactical. Dress to be outdoors in the environment for long periods of time. Bring Water/ Hydration, Hats Recommended, Bug Spray.

Range Courses NOTE: This course is being held at a remote range location. Please wear appropriate clothing, hat, and footwear. Bring Water. Latrines will be available on the range.


Apr 30 2021


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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